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As I shall endeavor to point out, in the curve of agglutinins

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was no epidemic in the Judiciary Hospital. There was no tetanus,

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water was invariably taken into the stomach and lungs : and as none was found in

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mentally by several investigators, who found that it caused rapid enfeeblement of

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the other disorders which depend upon it soon disappear without any

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work ascribed to a female physician, and thus possesses

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(for a supposed empyema) in consequence of which some of his

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of the chest, slight symptoms of animation showed themselves, at first only by

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33 years of age. He stated that ten days prior to ad-

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only natural to suppose that a sanitary commission to Con-

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alone, in the first stages ; as the case progresses, in combination with

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employer shall not be entitled to deduct any part of

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and compress with much care, lest I might displace the grafts,

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will probably be discovered that the upper end of the false image is twisted

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carin. They, therefore, recommend that in cases of poisoning by mushrooms

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beino- to guard the generative tract, at its orifice, against the

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in South Africa." It appears in this number of the Journal.

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well and tenderly cared for and scrupulously nursed, and after the time of septi-

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Bowers, of the same city. I at once wrote to the doctor

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Several gentlemen, distinguished in the profession, have remarked

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Contagion! Diseases— Woekly Statement— Report of

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are found in the intestines, others in the liver, the kidneys,

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reccrted adverse everts in re comestic pbcebo-conkoded rais. sweating T % vs

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syphilis to his offspring without first infecting the mother. I have

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of birth this condition produces leucocytosis and congestive phe-

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ing. Nothing abnormal was found there, the boy being able to hear

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lacking. The presence of the pneumococcus in almost

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some time, and then test its coagulating activity. Before the gastric contents are

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in Kansas, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Minnesota, and during the

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chiefly in fat and well-nourished babies as distinguished from those

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Inoculation experiments by direct injection of the cultivations into the

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remarks may be, no more appropriate audience or occasion could

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adhesions, showing that the inflammation was in no way of recent

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survival sex, is actually over 100 years old. 3 In the 19th

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had been ])assed. The i)atient died on the evening of tlie ninth day after

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ing to this author the presence of specific ferments in the milk of

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