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The effect of total extirpation of the thyroid differs in different

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X.E. Proficiency in practical vork and an adequate acquaintance

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natural that any local constitutional weakness should be empha

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and on consultation with the dental surgeon Mr. W. Graham

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for proticioncy in Modern History and English Literature.

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and super be better Low tension is recognised by the following

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remains for discussion the pathological nature and significance of

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for in both scurvy and leprosy these symptoms obtain but this

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Artillery. Information as to the csamination for volunteer surgeons is given

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sound anatomical knowledge of the orbital muscular mechanism

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period of treatment not involving operation the hearing returns

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afterwards covered with fine gauze. They are intended to

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on medical officers would be displeasing to a large number of

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Leblanc states that of. l people bitten by dogs undoubtedly

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removed from the blood and excreted from the body with the

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victim to his vacation certainly overwalked himself whatever

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explanation by applying it to the others. If it is valid in one

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evidence of having before entering on medical studies passed a

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the cord. The presence of these patches on the external surface

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nation both theoretical and practical as should be an indis

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acknowledge with thanksthe following additional contributions to the above

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which are easily assimilated and from which a much more rapid

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Sections and.Scales and in Analytical Chemistry with special

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is almost as unusual as secondary cancer is common.

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