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men have refused to certify to the insanity of persons requiring

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In another Case xvi transfusion of cubic centimetres of

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corresponding rise in the proportion of paupers and lunatics to

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mable it will be sern how readily an accident may result from

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circumstances under which they met and in view of the fact tha t

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Association for Supplying Female Medical. id to the Women of

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atheroma. The constitutional condition of the arteries as regards

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of this battery also ensures as far as possible absence of polarisa

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Whenever possible the head of the dog. cat or other animal

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been satisfied with the results. The number of operations was of

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went and saw the proprietor. He was an unqualified druggist and a patent

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the importance of not making asylums so large as to prevent

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at any rate existed in each of the three cases described above.

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lows obviously that the study of medical psychology appertains

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didate referred at the Primary Examination in either or both

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their grievances and he replied that it would be contrary to the

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of the unlilfe. It might be asked Was it possible to offer any

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more than any other passing phases of scientific knowledge had

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lowing members were duly balloted for and elected office bearers

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death. The temperature was F. and intelligence was unim

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tury. The East India Company brought vaccine matter from India

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fatigues of business but cannot so well tolerate sudden feats

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tiate of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh Licentiate

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until the candidate has completed his fourth Annus Medicus.

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