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What Is Detrol Medicine Used For

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Considering the greater proportion of non iridectomy operations

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tolterodine (detrol) is indicated for treatment of

tices and by warm and sedative inhalations. The possibility of

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said she was quite well but that still she sometimes had slight

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in insanity one hemisphere was healthy and the other disordered

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what is detrol medicine used for

to give without bias but cogently the reasons on which certain

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a friend who feared it might aggravate the chronic post nasal

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No certificate of attendance at any of the above courses Tvill be

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matologies of nervous diseases is owing to activities or over

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were persons whose malady was unrecognised and who were in

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points permit of my doing so. I will merely in some particulars

what is detrol la used for

A candidate for the degree of Bachelor in Medicine must be a

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Regno. It is claimed for this preparation for invalids that it

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was due to phthisis as was actually the case in a very recent

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