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that it produces the greatest amount of heat at a minimum co.st.

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anteriorly to the dura mater and posteriorly to the posterior

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for use by next month. The great strike and other unforeseen

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boiling. After each injection the needle is dipped into oil heated

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The specimen e.xamined was obtained from a ease of spina

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of the Russian Woeikof. We have heard so mucli of late of

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Arts and two in Science. Candidates must be under twenty

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Reevrs on Practical Surgery During the summer session a

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Grossmanns paper and would be very glad if Dr. Grossmann

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said he had never seen less than t cases of osseous growth

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ness of carcasses for human food and acknowledgedly this opinion

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by about three. These observa.t minute the respirations are less

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witnessed in leprosy. They observed that in those districts where

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fat. There is no mention of the mucin yielding intercellular

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indeed almost any other watering place and it enjoys a great


not published at the same time as the paragraph of which he

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make the companies do their duty and the penalties which may

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a negative psychical defect. Analysis shows I think that arti

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sophical Society. Here the Rev. Canon Eaine kindly pointed out

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treats opinions with some irony and sarcasm perhap.s indeed with

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la. Retirement. I regret in my opinion the recommendations

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officio the President elect at offi cio Dr. T. Bridgwater President

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that a permanent cure could in the present state of knowledge

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ganic substances in the samples. Candidates must show a prac

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Tonsillitis permits of classification into several varieties ac

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its alloys in the form of pipes or capsules or in bottles carelessly

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the amounts of arsenic said to have been found in the different

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Physic Physiological Actions and Therapeutic Uses of Remedies

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second diploma besides that of the Society of Apothecaries if ob

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