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for paupers do not appear to be exactly suited for the particular
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believe a fact of universal application that however widespread
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last year amounted to Is. Id. and the total ordinary ex
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ness of the Admiralty. He might now state however that it was
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preparation has been to make me feel that I had taken too
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Convulsions. A Case of Infantile Cerebral Palsy with comments.
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cine panniers fracture boxes surgical haversacks and field and
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as entitlmg to registration under the Medical Act after a course of study
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intimately associated with a gouty diathesis. As to the
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use the word investigation for something more than the kind
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from them delegates to the annual conference. These objects ave
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St. Mary s Hospital formerly Registrar and Pathologist Central
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clear any corresponchng army rank medical officers possess.
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would be far better to give compensation and have even a sus
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the usual morning retirement and I would advise all travellers to carry one
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opinion against any operative interference whatever. The balance
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Subjects as above the second candidate will receive the
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no similar eruption has appeared on any of the other cows nor on
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On Empyema of the Maxillary Sinus ulth an Analysis of Fifteen
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the reduction in the number of corpuscles. In man the loss of
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Pathologj and Operative Surgery. At end of each year prizes of
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Teale adds this as another important detail. One of the
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say evidence of mere opinion about disease and its cure counts
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with some difficulty that the scar of the operation could be de
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The expenditure this year on an addition to the existing premises
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presented the fraction one half instead of an integer number
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ordinary way. On removal ot the splints there was found to be
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lay down rates of mortality and rules of practice for this and
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exalted ideas loss of memory and a happy acquiescence in any
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