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blood examined in the early morning amounted to per cent. by
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importance may perhaps be added. It is that eyes saved from
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tion. While then admitting the possibUity of prirnary laryngeal
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reduced or even destroyed by imposing unduly onerous terms
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tinguish the direction in which the soberest speculation was
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conditions under which they entered. To confer pure army titles
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who h.ive passed tlieir Anatomical and Phvsioloeical Examinations pay s.
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inan. Oxford and Cambridge Schools Examination Board Cer
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have been taken out of our hands without any necessity and
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Much of the success of the meeting was undoubtedly due to
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late Kolatina Kola Lozenges and Cordial a huge sample of
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titioners in the eyes either of their fellow countrymen or of
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Professor Burdon Sanderson President of the Section of Biology
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thanks to the unflagging watchfulness of our General Manager
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observers that the neighbourhood of the crico aryteuoid articu
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lymph was successfully used on the human subject. This is the
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In the performance of this operation two main plans have been
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structures. Its depth is about. d cubic centimetres only so
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had the honour to be. He believed he was right in saying that
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to the CJueen. In the afternoon a concert of sacred music will be
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University Lecturer on Human Anatomy. The Lecture Room and
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forming a St. John Ambulance class and to whom should application be
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general hospitals cannot afldrd to be idle or to let their faculties
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from the outer part of the anterior convoluted portion of the tym
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into space as yet uncharted. We have passed before you
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was endeavouring to add in everj possible way literature which
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slight characteristic marks and as drowsiness may mask the
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therefore which is too feeble to render the urine actually alka
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a reference to the last and not least important class. The
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improvement were the consequence. Under these influences the
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of the Coimcil the Sections will best fulfil their purpose if the
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arytenoid cartilages. These ulcers are often very small in circum
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offspring in its character would incline more to one parent than
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but a raised thickened freely excoriated edge. There was no
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stetrics the Alison Prize for Public Health and Jledical
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thin people used a stout india rubber bandage instead of a tube.
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their mortal frame to close for ever from their view that awful molecular
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WitHiN the last twenty years only or since the last meeting of this
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was the universal opinion of medical officers of Her Majesty s ser
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process is of a low type and most obstinate to treatment. Cure

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